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The European Championship means thrills and excitement in anticipation of the football match, for whoever you support. The whole event is coupled with lots of other people, the sun is shining and the cold beer is usually running by the litre.

What's important now? A good basis that is easy and handy to eat, tastes delicious and matches the conviviality of watching football together. Our European Championship range is here to help.

We have a few quickly prepared baked goods for you in our European Championship range and a few more ideas from our European Championship refining ideas with Christian Kolb that offer more than the classic bread roll with sausage and mustard inside. Let us inspire you and bon appétit at the football match, wherever you are watching the European Championship.

Croatian pita bread "Lepinja"

Croatian Kita bread "Lepinja" with marinated pork loin steak and potato spread
Soft oblong wheat roll with a smooth surface and with partial cut. The product only needs to be defrosted. Length: 14.6 - 16.5 cm.
ready baked, frozen | 63g | 40 pieces/carton
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Soft pretzel product with cut and already sprinkled with pretzel salt. The product only needs to be defrosted. Our tip: For better quality, bake at 160°C for 6 minutes after defrosting. Length: 14.5 - 17 cm, width: 12.5 - 15 cm.
ready baked, frozen | 100g | 60 pieces/carton
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Wheat rolls, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Length: 11.3 - 12.7 cm. Our tip: To achieve a better quality, bake the product for after defrosting for 3 minutes at 180° C.
ready baked, frozen | 75g | 100 pieces/carton
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Soft wheat roll in traditional shape sprinkled with sesame seeds. The product only needs to be defrosted. Diameter: approx. 12,5 cm / 4.92 inches.
ready baked, frozen | 80g | 28 pieces/carton
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A multitalented addition to any kitchen! With its fluffy, moist crumb and open texture, this bread impresses everyone! Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, this Lepinja always stays fresh. Whether in the bread basket with dip or sliced for a stuffed sandwich, there are no limits to creativity here! Diameter: approx. 17.5 cm. Minimum order one carton!
ready baked, frozen | 200g | 50 pieces/carton
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Pretzel stick, filled with salted butter and single packed.
ready baked, frozen | 84g | 35 pieces/carton
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Pizza Snack Margherita covered with tomato sauce and cheese, as a dough piece.
pre-proofed, frozen | 132g | 36 pieces/carton
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Pizza Snack Classico covered with salami, paprika, onions and cheese, as a dough piece.
pre-proofed, frozen | 157g | 36 pieces/carton
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Pizza Snack Salami covered with salami slices and cheese, as a dough piece.
pre-proofed, frozen | 131g | 36 pieces/carton
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Wheat bread baked from sourdough. This bread is characterised by a distinctive crust that develops during the baking process. The inside is typically light and rough-textured due to the long dough resting times. Length: 16 - 18 cm.
ready baked, frozen | 200g | 16 pieces/carton
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Burger mix box consisting of eight premium linseed burger buns and eight plant-based patties made from New Meat. The vegan patties are processed deep-frozen. Only eat fully cooked! Frying pan: Heat a little oil. Cook the patties over a medium heat for approx. 6 minutes, turning several times. Grill: Preheat the grill to approx. 220°C. Cook the patties for approx. 5 minutes, turning several times.
raw, quick-frozen, ready baked, frozen | 72-100g | 16 pieces/carton
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Vegan Margherita pizza snack with basil topping. The pizza snack is topped with fruity tomato slices and refined with an aromatic basil topping. It is sprinkled with a tasty cheese alternative based on vegetable oil. For 100% enjoyment without compromise.
pre-proofed, frozen | 142g | 36 pieces/carton
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Multigrain roll with sunflower kernels, oat flakes, sesame, linseed, poppy and rye flour. Length: 8 - 10 cm.
pre-baked, frozen | 88g | 100 pieces/carton
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Wheat roll with a 90° document cut. The product only needs to be defrosted. Length: approx. 14 cm.
ready baked, frozen | 60g | 108 pieces/carton
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Wheat roll with sour dough in maxi size. It is shaped traditional and sprinkled with sesame. The product only needs to be defrosted. Diameter: approx. 14.5 cm / 6 inches.
ready baked, frozen | 125g | 16 pieces/carton
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