Our understanding of quality

We have inherited our understanding of quality and natural food from our parent company Harry-Brot. Here, we have been baking with traditional methods and natural raw materials since 1688. All ingredients are sourced only from the best raw material suppliers.

When selecting our partners, we pay attention not only to the quality of the products, but also to their origin and production methods. All Backshop suppliers work according to the independent International Featured Standard (IFS). This guarantees not only the highest level of product quality but also the greatest possible product safety.


Deep freezing

Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH only distributes deep frozen bakery products.

Deep freezing is one of the gentlest methods of extending the shelf life of foodstuff without using conservatives. By this means you can use our bakery products up to 12 months in contrast to fresh bakery products.

Through the conservation process at -18 °C, the growth of microorganisms is stopped to a large extent and the loss of vitamins is very little even through months.

Profit from the benefits of frozen products and just bake the quantity required. In this way, you can avoid surplus and always offer customers your products fresh from the oven. All this, without complicated and time-consuming preparation.


We assure quality

Our focus lies on quality and natural foodstuff, which we inherited from our parent company Harry-Brot. Since 1688, traditional procedures and natural raw materials are the key features in this family business. All ingredients are obtained only from the best raw material producers.

When choosing our partners, the quality of the products is as important as their origin and the production methods. All our suppliers are certified according to the independent International Featured Standard (IFS). This guarantees not only a maximum quality but also the best product safety.

We commit our preliminary suppliers to abstain from any genetically manipulated material. Our quality assurance pays particular attention to the proper declaration of our products. This includes ingredients as well as allergens and nutritional values. Natural raw materials are used in our products every day. Hence, quality assurance is our constant companion in trading.



Nowadays more and more people suffer from a food intolerance which is often underestimated and thoughtlessly neglected. However food intolerances can cause health impairments to the consumers.

So-called "allergenic ingredients", such as sesame, lactose or gluten, are natural components of bakery products, and according to the EG regulations they have to be clearly indicated for the consumer. Just as important is the declaration of cross contaminations, which means the traces that can occur on a production line.
All ingredients are subject to strictest control procedures and are regularly checked for pureness and quality. As most of our products are manufactured on monolines and because of the high hygienic standard, cross contaminations are minimized as far as possible.

All necessary data are always updated in our product specifications. Should you require any individual information, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you as soon as possible.

Note: We would like to point out that our declaration only identifies those allergens that may occur within our production lines. Any cross-contamination of allergens within the baking and sales process must be analysed and declared by the respective user. An individual declaration of the products depending on the point of consumption must therefore be ensured by the last distributor.