We are expanding our presence in Asia

In a joint venture with La Marca International Pte Ltd, the new company Backshop Asia Pte Ltd was founded in order to strengthen the market presence in Asia by utilising synergy effects.

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The future of the food service industry: how plant-based products are revolutionising the out-of-home market

The food service industry is currently facing many challenges and has to reinvent itself in some areas. This article aims to shed light on the role that plant-based and vegan products can play in this and the significance they have for eating behaviour in society as a whole.

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Our commitment to education and awareness: Backshop supports the MEGAfoN NEWS AND FACTS app

We are proud to support the MEGAfoN NEWS AND FACTS initiative, a pioneering app that has set itself the task of encouraging schoolchildren across Germany to think critically by giving them access to verified and carefully researched news.

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Successful recertification according to EU organic standards: Focus on sustainability

We are delighted: Backshop has once again successfully passed the annual organic audit in accordance with strict EU standards and has been recertified without any deviations. Read our article to find out what advantages this brings, especially for our customers in the out-of-home catering sector.

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Our commitment to the community: Backshop donates €10,000 to local charities

This year's Christmas donation from Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH totalling 10,000 euros went to three local charitable institutions in the immediate vicinity of our locations in Hamburg and Queis(Landsberg).

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Bio Breadness- new cooperation partner of Backshop Tiefkuehl GmbH

Backshop Tiefkuehl GmbH and Bio Breadness GmbH have agreed to cooperate on selected products. The aim of this cooperation is to offer the food service sector attractive alternatives with high-quality organic products in order to be able to increase the organic share in their own range in an uncomplicated manner.

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Backshop at Anuga 2023

This year, we will once again be presenting excerpts from our comprehensive range of baked goods at Anuga 2023 from 07.10. to 11.10.2023 in Hall 3.2 at Stand C038. Tasty tastings and great conversations await you. We look forward to seeing you!

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Assortment expansion with 21 halal products

With our halal range, we are opening up to a growing market and enabling a broader customer base to enjoy the bakery store taste experience without hesitation. In Germany alone, there are around 5.5 million people of the Muslim faith. Globally, around 1.9 billion people belong to this world religion, which corresponds to around a quarter of the world's population, and the trend is rising.

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Solar power for our frozen rolls

Our freezer facility for frozen goods at the Queis warehouse and logistics site is now powered by our own solar power system.

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IFS Wholesale certified at a higher level

Now it's official, we have passed the IFS audit Wholesale again this year at a higher level. Since we see food and quality safety per se as a service, this is a formality for us, but of course we are still pleased.

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Backshop at IDDBA 2023

We were again present as an exhibitor at the IDDBA fair this year. From June 4 to 6, 2023, in Anaheim, California, we presented our FDA-assortment to retailers in the food industry and all interested parties.

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The purpose of searching: Find. – Our New Website

As of now, our website is also moving along with a new look! After rethinking our brand identity at the beginning of the year, we can now also unveil the matching website.

True to our motto "The purpose of searching: Find.", we have focussed the concept of our website centrally on searching and finding our products. The search also allows you to explicitly search for certain ingredients or to exclude them from the search.

We hope this will minimise the stress of searching for products and give you the opportunity to find the product that meets your expectations as quickly as possible.

The overhaul of the search is just the beginning, we have more features in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you.

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Christmas Donation to „Knack Den Krebs“

With a Christmas donation of 5,000€, Backshop supports the research of the Children's Cancer Center.

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Let's meet at the Alimentaria!

Even if 2022 started with the greatest possible disaster - the new year will be a year of personal encounters. And that is a good thing.

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New brand identity.

Some people have asked us "did we have to do that?" and we say "yes".

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The Fine Pastry

Do you have a moment right now? Probably not, because we all know the problem of today's time: Life is generally more stressful, appointments and obligations determine our lives - and often food falls by the wayside. A growling stomach, however, leads to a drop in performance and a bad mood. This is really not a good combination if you want to have a successful day!

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Can Back Shop actually also organic? Of course!

Topics like energy saving and renewable energies, sustainability, environment and organic are becoming more and more important. A considerate approach to nature should be a matter of course - but the past and also the present show that this is unfortunately not the case. Much more can (and must!) be done here.

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Monti on Tour!

Dear Reader,

Today we would like to take you on a little journey. We won't tell you where we're going, but you'll find out for yourself in the end! Besides, as we all know (and especially here) the journey is the destination.

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Back Shop invests in emission saving

Back Shop would like to support the general trend of saving CO2 in any case. After all, we are all jointly responsible for the climate, and the much-cited ecological footprint should be as small as possible. Each individual can make his or her contribution, and we can even completely influence the type of transportation and the pollutants (emissions) emitted into the environment.

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Never asked but still answered!

Dear readers,

There are always interesting, funny and also curious facts about different areas, which are difficult to accommodate thematically. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold them from you!

That is why we have decided to introduce a new section, which we would like to present to you today: Never asked but still answered!

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