The Backshop Business Model

Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of the traditional company Harry-Brot GmbH and today employs about 80 employees. As a wholesaler, we exclusively distribute frozen baked goods.

Our administrative headquarters are in Hamburg, represented by the Business Manager Christian Sommer. In addition, we have a warehouse and logistics location in Queis, represented by Kai Gebel as Business Manager. The management of the entire company is held by Thomas Blohm, managing partner of Harry-Brot GmbH.

Backshop is IFS Wholesale, as well as RSPO and BIO certified. In addition, halal-certified and FDA-approved products can also be found in the assortment. Our main customers include numerous companies in the wholesale, foodservice and food retail sectors. For its international customers, we are available as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Range development for your success

On its way between the bakery and the end consumer, a product needs to fulfill an array of requirements. Purchase, logistics, warehousing, preparation and the consumer often have different demands. Demands on quality, packaging, handling or price – every element needs to be addressed. With our broad range of products and services, we can offer the right product for every need and application.Together, we can analyze which products are most useful for the end consumer.


Successful partnership

What we are striving for is a holistic approach to the value chain, from production to the end consumer. We are trying to promote this by furthering transparent processes and collaboration. Raising efficiency and simultaneously reducing costs – for example by simplifying the ordering processes, optimizing logistics or streamlining data exchange – is what we see as a joint goal for everyone involved. This means our customers’ success becomes the foundation for joint successes across the entire value chain.
The Backshop business model is based on loyal collaboration with our suppliers, carriers and trade partners. Long-term thinking and acting is the principle of our company culture.


Service partner for wholesale and industry

Our customer structure

As of January 2024

Since 1995, Backshop has been offering a wide range of quality frozen baked goods in combination with individual customer solutions. As a subsidiary of Harry-Brot GmbH, Backshop has a reliable and extensive supply of goods at its disposal.
As a modern distribution company, we also collaborate with renowned manufacturers in order to complete our range of specialties. Thanks to our flexible logistics partners and a substantial storage capacity, we can always deliver the goods our customers order – even at short notice. This way, we can offer attractive deals for our core range of goods in conjunction with a customer-oriented diversity and comprehensive logistic services.


The frozen baked goods market

Baked goods are an important staple and take up an essential section of our food pyramid. As varied as the products are today’s possible applications and the corresponding channels of distribution. Hardly any other foodstuff is offered and eaten in so many different locations. Baked goods have long since become the most important component of on-the-go snacks.

Hardly any other class of goods has established itself so quickly and so firmly in the frozen foods sector. The food service area in particular has undergone a dramatic change, now increasingly offering half-baked instead of fully baked frozen products.


Always there for you

We see our customers as partners with whom we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. They serve the most diverse needs of the market with our products. The use of baked goods in different sales outlets such as bakeries, baking stations, petrol stations, hospitals or hotels each has its own specific requirements, e.g. in terms of preparation, shape or price. To place the right product, at the right time, in the right place - this is the challenge we want to meet together with our partners.