Solar power for our frozen rolls


Our freezer facility for frozen goods at the Queis warehouse and logistics site is now powered by our own solar power system.


Energy is a key factor in the quality and safety of our products. Climate change and broader social trends in recent years mean that keeping our frozen baked goods at the minimum temperature has become a challenge in terms of energy logistics.

So, back in early 2022, the management team at Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH decided to build a company solar farm to improve cost-efficiency and bring greater independence to our power supply. The large open space right next to the company buildings at the Queis site provided the perfect conditions.

Work to set up the system then began at the start of February this year, and the solar farm was successfully integrated into the power grid in April. The new power supply has been running smoothly ever since, and there is scope for optimistic forecasts. As things currently stand, we can expect to cover 20–25% of our annual energy needs with the system. On particularly sunny days, we can even supply up to 100% of our own electricity.

‘The decision was a win–win situation for us,’ says Kai Gebel, head of logistics and IT. ‘Not only will we have greater control over our energy costs, but we will also be able to use the freezer facility as a battery. This means that we can store energy in the form of cold.’

The cold-energy storage process kicks in whenever the solar farm is generating more energy than can currently be used. When this happens, the warehouse is cooled by an extra few kelvins. The energy stored in this way helps to reduce the amount of electricity that is purchased, particularly during the night.

The company has been running entirely on certified green electricity since 2021. This system is now another significant part of our efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Green energy on green land.