We are expanding our presence in Asia

Office building where Backshop Asia Pte Ltd is based.
Registered office of Backshop Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore

Joint venture with La Marca International Pte Ltd in Singapore

In a strategic move, we have expanded our international presence by establishing a joint venture with La Marca International Pte Ltd in Singapore. The new partnership, in which Backshop has the majority shareholding, marks an important milestone in the company’s international orientation. Backshop Asia Pte Ltd has been specially established for this purpose and has officially start operating on 1 February 2024 and has the following business address:

Backshop Asia Pte Ltd Contact person

50 Kaki Bukit Place
Jean Yip Building
Singapore (415926)

Muhammad Shaqeez
Phone +65-6235-5337
Fax +65-6235-1706

150 square metres of deep-freeze storage

A new office and a freezer storage facility have been opened in Singapore as part of this expansion. The site covers an area of around 150 square metres and provides direct access for 40-foot containers. The continuous cold chain ensures first-class product quality and enables short delivery times.

Synergistic effects

With its 20-year market presence in Singapore, La Marca brings extensive knowledge of the local market and a broad network in the upmarket hotel and catering business. Backshop will contribute substantial experience in distribution channels and a diverse product range that caters for customers’ individual needs.

‘This expansion in Singapore is a strategic move to strengthen our market presence in Asia. The collaboration with La Marca will enable us not only to better understand local needs but also to reach the region’s existing markets in a more targeted and efficient manner,’ explains the Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH director Christian Sommer.

Roger Stadler, general manager at La Marca International Pte Ltd and member of the Backshop Asia management team, said of the partnership: ‘The combination of Backshop’s supply chain expertise and our in-depth understanding of the Singaporean market creates a strong synergy. This joint venture gives us the opportunity to efficiently meet the demand for high-quality German bakery products in Singapore and beyond.’

Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH sees this decision as an important step in expanding its global reach and further cementing its position as a leading provider of high-quality baked goods.

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