For several years now, the demand for sustainable products has been increasing. This is also the case with our customers, and we would like to meet this demand.

One of the best-known seals of approval for sustainable cultivation, which can mainly be found on cocoa and chocolate, is the UTZ certification. But what exactly does this actually mean?

UTZ is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for an open and transparent market for socially and environmentally responsible products. Originally, the term "UTZ" comes from the Mayan language and means "good". The UTZ program was founded in 1997 by Koninklijke Ahold together with a number of coffee farmers. In the meantime, tea, hazelnuts and cocoa can also be certified in addition to coffee.

In the meantime, UTZ has merged with the Rainforest Alliance. Since September 1, 2020, a new seal therefore already exists, which will replace the UTZ seal, which is still frequently used today, after a transition period.

The prerequisite for obtaining such a seal is compliance with a code of conduct by the farmers. This code sets out social criteria as well as requirements for environmental compatibility and efficient management. For example, child labor and forced labor are prohibited on UTZ-certified plantations. In addition, the use of pesticides is to be reduced and there is a ban on rainforest clearing.

We can offer you products with UTZ certified cocoa on request. The certification is done according to the Mass Balance System. This is certainly already known to most people through RSPO. The system ensures that no more certified cocoa is sold than is actually grown. It should be noted that the certified cocoa may be mixed with the non-certified cocoa, as a separate supply chain would be very costly and therefore uneconomical for the parties involved. Nevertheless, a sophisticated system of recording mass balances ensures that the proportion of certified cocoa on the world market is correct.

If you are interested in products with UTZ-certified cocoa, simply contact your responsible sales manager. We would be pleased to make a further contribution to sustainable cultivation together with you!

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