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The time has come! Finally, we can present our new website to you. We've been working hard behind the scenes, and the primary question we asked ourselves was: "How can we make our website modern and efficient?"

Answer 1: A New Look
Probably the most obvious new feature is the general look. In order to provide a consistent experience across all devices, we have followed the latest design paradigms in web design. For example, the menu that used to be at the top of the screen is now in a hamburger menu on the side. This should allow for more clarity whether you are visiting the website on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Answer 2: News
We have also designed a clear way of presenting news from the world of Backshop for you. For this purpose, there is now a separate section directly on the main page, where you will always find news about our product range, events, or other interesting trivia. So stay tuned.  

Answer 3: Focus on search
Probably the biggest change is the search function. We have redesigned it from the ground up to allow you to search for either a specific ingredient or products that do not contain that ingredient. In general, it is no longer necessary to know what product you are looking for before you have even entered a term.
And if you already know what you want to find, that is of course no obstacle either. Our classic assortment categories remain as you know them and where you know them.


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