The Fine Pastry

Do you have a moment right now? Probably not, because we all know the problem of today's time: Life is generally more stressful, appointments and obligations determine our lives - and often food falls by the wayside. A growling stomach, however, leads to a drop in performance and a bad mood. This is really not a good combination if you want to have a successful day!

Sometimes, therefore, you just need something small in between to replenish your energy reserves. But since there's usually hardly any time to cook and prepare, ready-to-eat items are just the thing here! With our new concept "The Fine Pastry", we are keeping up with the times and meeting customers' wishes for a quick and uncomplicated solution.

The customer receives completely finished croissants, individually packed in an attractive decorative bag. The bags are already printed so that the customer can see at a glance which variety is in the bag. The small delicacies can be enjoyed both on the go and with conscious enjoyment in a quiet spot. There are no crumbs and greasy fingers here. A clean thing!

In terms of varieties, we offer you a colorful mix of savory and sweet, here really everyone will find their personal favorite. You can choose from a delicious chocolate butter croissant, a savory cream cheese and pretzel butter croissant or a classic butter croissant without filling, among others. And this is just a small selection; in total, customers can choose between ten different varieties. There are even plans to expand the range here. So be curious to see what other products await you soon!

Give your customer the opportunity for a small moment of deceleration. Contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer!

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