Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

Palm oil cultivation deforests large areas of rainforest, minimizing the habitat of many animal and plant species.
However, palm oil is an irreplaceable raw material in the food industry and many other sectors.

Unfortunately, the substitute products often promoted in the media (primarily sunflower, soybean and rapeseed) are not real alternatives. In fact, the yield from these crops is far lower, so even more land would have to be farmed to grow them than palm. In addition, more water and more fertilizer would be needed, which would seep into the groundwater. Even environmental organizations point on their internet sides to this circumstance!

Palm oil is therefore without alternative. However, we can and should minimize the negative effects together. And that is quite simple!  

Through the RSPO certification, cultivation areas are made sustainable, so that the constant deforestation and thus destruction of the livelihood of many animal and plant species is counteracted.

We support this sustainability idea by offering you RSPO-certified products in the Mass Balance (MB) and Segregation (SG) levels. Under the MB model, products can be certified that contain both certified and non-certified palm oil. In SG-certified products, on the other hand, only 100% RSPO-certified palm oil is used.

If you find your desired product as a non-certified variant, please feel free to contact us. The MB certification level can be implemented for almost any product without any problems. Also a change to a SG-certified product is possible in most cases after checking and consulting with our upstream suppliers.

Each of us is responsible for the environment and we should keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Sometimes even small changes have a big impact. Let's work together to make the world a better place and be sure to prioritize RSPO certified products.

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