Successful recertification according to EU organic standards: Focus on sustainability

As part of the annual organic audit in accordance with strict EU standards, Backshop was recertified without any deviations. This not only underlines our consistent dedication to sustainability, but also our ongoing commitment to offering our business partners in the out-of-home catering sector a high-quality organic range at moderate prices.

Outstanding performance in organic audit

The successful completion of the process once again confirms that the ingredients of the certified products fulfil the minimum standards for organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848. As a company, this is just as important to us as ensuring that the products of our carefully selected producers are manufactured to equally high standards.

The audit was accompanied by Mandy Baruth, Head of Quality Management at Backshop, who emphasises: "Our partnerships are based on care, quality and, particularly in the organic sector, a clear commitment to organic practices. We are proud that our joint efforts have been recognised by the renewed certification."

Looking ahead to the future of organic out-of-home catering

The successful recertification comes at a crucial time, as the Organic Outdoor Catering Ordinance (Bio-AHVV) came into force in autumn. We are determined to play our part in helping our customers in the catering industry to meet the requirements of the regulation. Our certified products not only stand for the highest quality, but also for a responsible and sustainable choice in the bulk consumption and food service sector.

Our aim is to be a driving force in the transformation of out-of-home catering and we look forward to further strengthening our partnerships to shape a sustainable future together.

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