Our commitment to education and awareness: Backshop supports the MEGAfoN NEWS AND FACTS app

In our fast-moving digital world, it is essential for us as a responsible company to actively promote education and knowledge transfer with a view to the requirements of future generations. We are therefore proud to support the MEGAfoN NEWS AND FACTS initiative, a pioneering app from Cologne that gives schoolchildren across Germany free access to verified and carefully researched news.

dpa-approved, ad-free content for young people

The MEGAfoN NEWS AND FACTS app is an exclusive, digital news format that offers pupils of all school types a fact-based news source. In cooperation with the German Press Agency (dpa), the app ensures that its content is independent, non-partisan and free of advertising. This is in line with our conviction that credibility and informed opinion-forming are of the utmost importance in a democratic society.

Backshop gives 300 pupils one-year access

Our company has committed to supporting this initiative by providing 150 pupils each from the Blankenese district school in Hamburg and the "Wilhelm Wundt" community school in Tangerhütte with free access to the app for one year. Through our partnership, we are offering young people the opportunity to gain the ability to form an independent opinion in addition to their academic knowledge. MEGAfoN thus joins a series of social projects that we as a company support out of conviction.

Expanding our own social responsibility strategy in this way, without having to set up separate structures and yet taking on social responsibility, is a step that we would like to invite other companies to take. Together we can make a real difference in educating and enlightening the next generation.

In recognition of our efforts, we are proud to have been awarded the "TOP-MEDIENPARTNER - Im Einsatz für Wahrheit, Aufrichtigkeit und Unabhängigkeit" quality seal. For us, this seal is visual proof of our commitment to values such as credibility, critical thinking and social responsibility - values that are indispensable in our fast-moving, full-of-information world.

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