Let's meet at the Alimentaria!

The Year of Encounters, the Year of Dialogues

Even if 2022 started with the greatest possible disaster - the new year will be a year of personal encounters. And that is a good thing.

In the short term, it was the pandemic that slowed down many of us in our drive. Now the war casts a long shadow over the already serious changes and challenges that we will face together. 

This is another reason why we are excited about our trade show participations, which started this year with Gulfood in Dubai. This will be followed in April by Alimentaria in Barcelona and in May by PLMA, where we will also continue our dialogs with our European neighbors.

Topics we are preparing for and want to discuss include


  • - the economic developments, such as rapidly rising inflation, disrupted supply chains, staggering commodity costs, and also new global wealth and demand distributions
  • the social developments, such as the response to climate change, doubts about parts of industrial agriculture, skills shortages or demographic shifts
  • and last but not least, the changes in our lifestyle, such as the trend towards vegetarian or vegan diets, skepticism towards industrial food production, the incalculable mind-sets in social media

As with Corona, the question will be "how do we get in front of the wave?" What are our goals, how can we convince together, what do we need to change together?

In addition to the topics of the future, we naturally have many interesting new products in our luggage and offensive concepts such as "the fine pastry" or our "we proudly present" platform, which we would like to present to you personally.

In this sense, we look forward to the usual open and honest dialog with our partners on the way to the future.

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