DRK Food Truck

We have become aware of a new Hamburg aid project. Since May of this year, we have been supporting the "Food Truck" of the DRK Altona und Mitte e.V.
"Our Food Truck is an addition and a link between the existing offers. Since February, the special vehicle, financed thanks to an inheritance donation, rolls through Altona on Saturdays and distributes free hot meals and drinks, while we also always have an open ear for our guests" Britta Behrends explains to us. Britta is one of the many good souls of this project. She herself often stands in the volunteer kitchen and prepares the hot meals. Here, just as much attention is paid to quality and freshness as to sustainability. Together with other Red Cross volunteers, they decide each week which meal they would like to offer the homeless in Hamburg for the coming week. With a lot of commitment and heart and soul, they try to reconcile taste and the "small purse". So far, the result has always been a great creation! The bread for the soup or the pretzel for the meat loaf are of course always needed for this project. And exactly here we can and would like to support gladly. We are happy to be able to provide a little more security for the volunteers and also for those in need of help with our baked goods every week. Because every cent saved provides another portion of humanity.

"The first stage goal will have been reached when we have provided at least 200 people with a hot meal once a week and given the homeless a good feeling in the process. This project is very close to our hearts because through our efforts we can give people something they often lack - someone who listens, supports them and treats them with respect and at eye level," says Jörg Theel, district manager.
Christian Sommer, Managing Director of Purchasing and Sales, presented the project at BACK SHOP and is fully committed to it: "We are very pleased to be able to contribute to this great work. Even seemingly small things can already change a lot!"
If you would also like to support this project with your products such as fruit, vegetables or even paper cups etc., please feel free to contact us!

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