Back Shop invests in emission saving

Back Shop would like to support the general trend of saving CO2 in any case. After all, we are all jointly responsible for the climate, and the much-cited ecological footprint should be as small as possible. Each individual can make his or her contribution, and we can even completely influence the type of transportation and the pollutants (emissions) emitted into the environment.

Riding a bicycle is certainly the most environmentally friendly way of getting from A to B. In addition, there is no need to search for a parking space (which can be very time-consuming and nerve-racking), and it is also healthy. When we expanded the employee parking area in our warehouse, we took the opportunity to have covered bicycle parking spaces built. Cycling should simply be much more normal!

But bicycles are not for everyone, and sometimes the distance between home and work is simply too great. Electric vehicles are therefore becoming increasingly popular. They offer several advantages: in Germany, for example, we will certainly not be able to significantly improve the global climate immediately through the use of electric cars - nevertheless, they produce significantly fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. In addition to the population in general, this will benefit residents in the cities in particular, who will also be pleased about the reduced noise pollution. In addition, the operating costs for the car owner are significantly reduced.

Electromobility will certainly be the future, and more and more people are already switching to it. That's why we also had an e-charging station built at the same time as we converted the employee parking lot. This can be used by all employees associated with Back Shop and Harry-Brot and offers two cars the opportunity to draw electricity at the same time.

Even if we have increased costs as a result, the climate is worth this investment to us. We owe it to the world, to ourselves and to our descendants to treat our environment and the available resources responsibly.

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