Apprenticeship at Back Shop

A company is only as good as its employees - we at Back Shop are aware of that. In order to be able to continue to drive the company forward in the future with qualified and motivated employees, we enjoy investing in the future of young people.

With potential trainees, we pay particular attention to politeness, willingness to learn, honesty, sense of responsibility and commitment. Good grades at school are certainly an advantage for a good and smooth apprenticeship, but they are not the sole decision-making criterion for us when choosing apprentices. We are looking for young people who are passionate about the Back Shop company and the tasks to be performed there!

A careful induction and a very good training have top priority for us. We would like to offer the trainees not only a high quality of technical training, but also to provide them with the necessary soft skills for their further professional future.

On the one hand, we want to give young people the chance to receive a solid and well-founded education - but of course we also want to secure our own next generation of skilled workers. Our goal is to be able to fill the positions that become vacant in the future due to employees leaving the company for reasons of age with our own qualified junior staff.

We would like to offer the trainees a secure and interesting job with a variety of development opportunities after their training. Therefore, the training at BACK SHOP is very individual and always takes into account the professional wishes and abilities of the trainee. The regular exchange between trainee and trainer is crucial for this. Only in this way can we find out which position the trainee is best suited for after his/her training.

We are very pleased that we have already found two apprentices for IT specialist for the training year 2021. We are convinced that both of them will develop into valuable employees in a short time, even under the current difficult conditions.

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