Assortment expansion with 21 halal products


Backshop now also offers halal-certified baked goods and is thus opening up to a growing market.


In the interests of a wider marketing, Backshop Tiefkühl GmbH has now added halal variants of 21 of its most popular products to its range. An audit by the WHU (World Halal Union) certification authority confirmed that both the production processes and the ingredients of the respective baked goods meet the halal criteria.

The following steps were carried out by the certification authority for the inspection of the products in question:

  • Verification of the provenance of the ingredients
  • Inspection of the origin of the goods and process examination
  • Inspection of the production facilities
  • Analyses for the presence of porcine DNA and alcohol.

"Certifying parts of our assortment according to Halal criteria not only enables us to provide the Backshop taste experience to our Muslim retail partners in a secured manner now," says Mandy Baruth, Head of Quality Management at Backshop, "it also means that our non-Muslim partners in the food service sector can target a wider clientele."

With the decision to have the halal conformity of individual products certified, the company is taking into account the circumstance of an increasing Muslim population. In Germany alone, there are about 5.5 million people of Muslim faith. Globally, about 1.9 billion people belong to this world religion, which corresponds to a share of about a quarter of the world's population, and the trend is rising.

But it is not only the increase in population that is currently causing the demand for halal products to rise continuously.

Among non-Muslim consumers, too, greater awareness of food safety, quality and hygiene is increasing the interest in buying certified products.

Foods classified as "halal" are products that are produced or manufactured according to Islamic dietary rules. Food designated with this certificate gives representatives of this faith the assurance that it is suitable for consumption according to religious principles. The word "halal" therefore also simply means "pure" or "permitted". The opposite is "haram", which accordingly means "impure" or "forbidden". In the border area are products that are called "makruh" and are thus frowned upon or undesirable. A corresponding certification is always product-related and not company-related.

Please contact us directly if you would like to know more about the products in question.

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