A burger without a bun? The bun is the beginning and the end of every burger.  We want to present you our premium gourmet burger buns. A new standard, in a shape you're used to.


All six variations of the burger buns were created in a free-form baking process. In this process, the dough pieces are baked without using a mould, spaced apart from each other, allowing small unique features to be found in the shape of each bun, while maintaining consistency of flavour. And all this without losing the variety of sprinkling and flavours.


With the premium gourmet burger range, we want to celebrate the universality of burger buns, to show that there is a world outside the classic sesame bun. From external features, such as black sesame seeds, to special flavours on the inside through potato flakes and turmeric, to the completely vegan burger bun. Let us convince you!