8067 Organic Multigrain Bread | DE-ÖKO-039
Product sheet
300 dpi
The organic multigrain bread consists of wheat flour, oat flakes, rye flour, linseeds and sunflower seeds. The surface is sprinkled with poppy seeds and sesame seeds and has an edible organic wafer as an additional visual highlight. The bread has a mild nutty taste and is very moist in the crumb due to its long dough. The seeds on the surface of the bread are roasted during baking and give the whole bread a rounded taste.

Manufacturing degree: pre-baked, frozen
Logistic data/Baking instruction
frozen weight
512 g
divided packaging
- min.
200 °C
12 min.
Average nutritive values per 100g
energy value 1070 kJ / 254 kcal
fat 4,7 g
of which saturated 0,70 g
carbohydrates 40,0 g
of which sugars 1,8 g
protein 11,0 g
salt 1,0 g