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NurKorn Bread

Our new oat bread dispenses entirely with the use of wheat flour and yeast!

Oats, for the first time mentioned around 5000 BC., was already "popular" in the Middle Ages. During this time, the important crop was increasingly cultivated to supply the mostly poor population. Since the grain usually grows even in poor weather conditions, the provision with basic supplies could be guaranteed. The high status of the oats was only replaced by the potato to second place. Nowadays, the grain is once again experiencing a veritable hype - it is even being traded as superfood. This bread also supports a balanced diet with its high percentage of oatmeal (27%). Oatmeal contains many essential nutrients (magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc) and valuable vitamins.

With its numerous oil seeds (22%) such as sunflower seeds, linseed, pumpkin seeds, and sesame, it is particularly rich in fiber. This nutritional aspect is not to be underestimated these days. Dietary fiber, for example, is especially known for its positive effect on digestion (intestinal flora) and for a longer saturation phase. The seeds contain many essential fatty acids. Thus, the seeds provide a wide range of amino acids