Golden light, warm colours, now and then already a little frost in the air. It's the time of harvest and falling leaves, of abundance and introspection.
It is autumn.
At this time of year, many people reflect on certain traditions or even a certain down-to-earthness.


On this page, we would like to present individual products from our assortment that, in our opinion, are particularly associated with autumn.
Be it because of ingredients typical for this season such as potatoes, pumpkin or seeds. Or be it because of their rustic appearance, which visually leads us back to baking as a traditional craft.


Let us inspire you with a delicious recipe for our rustic baker's roll:

Rustic baker's roll with pea cream, red cabbage salad, pumpkin and goose breast


Each of these products is an exquisite addition to your breakfast buffet. Savoury or sweet, there are many variations.
Try them out!

Mix with the sorts: Wheat roll with potato flakes, Wheat roll with potato flakes and sunflower kernels, Wheat roll with carrots and potato flakes, Wheat roll with pumpkin seeds and potato flakes, Wheat roll with potato flakes and seeds. Diameter: 5 - 8 cm.
pre-baked, frozen | 55g | 90 pieces/carton
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The pre-baked wheat roll is ideal as a high-quality topping item. It complements any breakfast buffet due to its handcrafted look. The article is supplied in 5 bags of 20 pieces and thus support an optimal handling. Length: 10.4 - 12.4 cm, width: 7.3 - 9.3 cm.
pre-baked, frozen | 85g | 100 pieces/carton
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This potato bread with sea salt has a unique and savoury flavour profile. Made from sourdough and 4.3% potato flakes and covered with a topping of 10.5% salt pepper paste. Diameter: 15 - 17 cm.
pre-baked, frozen | 280g | 24 pieces/carton
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Wheat mixed bread with 29% wheat flour, 8.5% pumpkin seeds, natural sour dough, and sunflower seeds. Length: 21.5 cm.
pre-baked, frozen | 805g | 15 pieces/carton
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