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Baking with passion since 1919

Master bakery for quality products of the extra class

The Brinker bakery is already in its third generation. The owner-managed family business employs around 850 people who carry out the traditional baking craft with passion and experience. They are supported by the latest technologies, which process the exquisite raw materials in noble baking processes, so that you can enjoy the premium products of the Brinker bakery every day.

The products are available in the following countries:
Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, People's Republic of China, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

The products are only conditionally available in the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

If you have any questions about availability, please don't hesitate to contact us.

This 85 g half baguette is a great choice for a great sandwich. Light bread will presence your most irresistible recipes. Serve whole or cut into pieces.
ready baked, frozen | 85g | 48 Stück/Karton
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There‘s a strong trend for high hydration bread. With a delicate, crackling crust and bubbly open structure, it makes a delectable base for delicious sandwiches. This high hydration bread is fermented twice and has a soft, white, very open structure which is beautiful to be hold and even better to eat. Subtle flouring highlights a golden crust, while olive oil adds unique personality.
pre-baked, frozen | 330g | 12 Stück/Karton
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A delicate, sophisticated bun with honeycombed crumb and a soft texture. The fine, golden crystalline crust feels amazing in the mouth. They are made with soudough, and have a light, high quality appearance.
ready baked, frozen | 75g | 60 Stück/Karton
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This premium burger bun is made with the crystal process; a traditional method that produces irregular, authentic buns with a thin, crystalline, crunchy crust. This time, our bet is on a pre-sliced square format, making these buns perfect for trendy burgers.
ready baked, frozen | 95g | 48 Stück/Karton
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Golden croissant with a beautiful brioche dough shape. Made with flour, egg, margarine, butter, milk, sugar and yeast.
ready baked, frozen | 85g | 26 Stück/Karton
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Golden croissant with the addition of a 18% hazelnut cocoa filling.
ready baked, frozen | 100g | 26 Stück/Karton
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Our Louisitos are not only small sins that are impossible to resist, but we also present them in a beautiful case whose decoration is inspired by the delicate Portuguese tiles. In each elegant box, twelve units: four of cream, four of white chocolate and four of praline. Your customers will ogle them!
ready baked, frozen | 40g | 6 Stück/Karton
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